Monday, October 25, 2010

Jimmy McGriff - Flyin' Time ,"Fly Dude & Let's Stay Together" on Groove Merchant 1975

A1. Everyday I Have The Blues
A2. Jumping The Blues
A3. That Healin' Feeling
A4. Cotton Boy Blues
B1. Yardbird Suite
B2. The Groove Fly
B3. It's You I Adore
B4. Butterfly
C1. Let's Stay Together
C2. Tiki
C3. Theme From Shaft
C4. What's Going On
D1. Old Grand Dad
D2. Georgia On My Mind
D3. April In Paris


Friday, October 15, 2010

Zapp - The New Zapp IV U on Warner Bros. 1985

1. It Doesn't Really Matter
2. Computer Love
3. Itchin' For Your Twitchin'
4. Radio People
5. I Only Have Eyes For You
6. Rock 'n Roll
7. Cas-Ta-Spellome
8. Make Me Feel Good
9. Ja Ready To Rock


Monday, October 4, 2010

Beats International - Let Them Eat Bingo on Go! Discs 1990

A1. Burundi Blues
A2. Dub Be Good To Me
A3. Before I Grow To Old
A4. Ragged Trousered Percussionist
A5. For Spacious Lies
A6. Blame It On The Bassline
B1. Won't Talk About It
B2. Dance To The Drummer's Beat
B3. Babies Makin' Babies (Stoop Rap)
B4. The Whole World's Down On Me
B5. Tribute To King Tubby


Sunday, October 3, 2010

What Millenium btw.?...Aah ok that one,

Throwing 4000 Tons Apricots in the Ocean...

-(Only withholding republication by Demonic Monetary Charge of Awkwardness)-

Natural Cooperativity is The Real Thing,The Cost of Life was an Invention,unlike the Apricot...