Thursday, March 31, 2011

Richard "Groove" Holmes - Hunk-A-Funk on Groove Merchant 1975

GM 4402

A1. Night Glider
A2. Flyjack
A3. It's Going To Take Some Time
A4. Pure Cane Sugar
B1. Go Away Little Girl
B2. One Mint Julep
B3. Young And Foolish
C1. The Red Onion
C2. No Trouble On The Mountain
C3. Meditation
C4. Good Vibrations
D1. You've Got It Bad
D2. Cho-Cho
D3. How Insensitive


La Sonora Matancera II - 40 Años De La Sonora Matancera on Seeco / Omega / Dureco / IPG 1977

OM 333.262

A1. Tu Precio
A2. La Canción Del Borracho
A3. Que Dichoso Es
A4. Esta Es Tu Gracia
A5. Nocturnando
A6. Boletera

B1. Despues Que Pasas
B2. Ahora Si Que Vengo Sabroso
B3. Esperame
B4. Indecision
B5. El Gallo,La Gallina Y El Caballo
B6. Miedo


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fat Jazzy Grooves - Volumes 13 & 14 on New Breed 1996

01. Psychic Soul Connection - Premonition
02. New Harlem Sound - 1.2.5. [125 St.]
03. Groovilicious - Blaza Bla
04. Khromozomes - Soulful
05. Beat Demons - Desperado
06. C-Swing - Obese Request
07. Nutsek - Mood
08. Beats Of San Francisco - Respect
09. Hustletron - Maximizer
10. The Prunes - Rashaan
11. I-Cue - Pass It Around
12. DJ Smash - Kikit


Bill Evans - The Alternative Man on Blue Note / Capitol 1985

BT 85111

Bill Evans - Tenor Sax,Soprano Sax,Flute
Keyboards,Drum Programming - All tunes

Side 1
A1. The Alternative Man
Fretless Bass - Mark Egan
Drums - Danny Gottlieb
Guitar - Jeff Golub
Keyboards - Mitchel Forman

A2. The Path Of Least Resistance
Drums - Danny Gottlieb
Guitar - Sid McGinnis
Keyboards,Vocals - Clifford Carter
Percussion - Manolo Badrena

A3. Let The Juice Loose!
Bass - Marcus Miller
Drums - Danny Gottlieb
Guitar - Hiram Bullock
Percussion,Galapagoes Wheel - Manolo Badrena
Trumpet - Lew Soloff

A4. Gardiners Garden
Fretless Bass - Mark Egan
Guitar - Chuck Loeb
Percussion - Danny Gottlieb

A5. Survival Of The Fittest
Acoustic Guitar - John McLaughlin
Fretless Bass - Mark Egan
Drums - Danny Gottlieb
Piano - Mitchel Forman
Keyboards - Clifford Carter
Percussion,Space Tines - Manolo Badrena

Side 2
B1. Jojo
Composed By - Rich Meitin
Drums - Danny Gottlieb
Guitar - Sid McGinnis
Keyboards - Clifford Carter
Percussion - Manolo Badrena

B2. The Cry In Her Eyes
Bass - Marcus Miller
Drums - Danny Gottlieb
Guitar - Dave Hart , Hiram Bullock

B3. Miles Away
Bass - Marcus Miller
Drums - Al Foster

B4. Flight Of The Falcon
Acoustic Guitar - John McLaughlin
Bass - Mark Egan
Drums - Danny Gottlieb
Piano - Mitchel Forman
Keyboards - Clifford Carter
Percussion - Manolo Badrena


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Panoramic Singers - Hawaïan on Carmen 197?

Carmen H 3060 T / Stereo 3060

A1. Hilo March
A2. Awapuli
A3. On The Isle
A4. Kaili Aloha
A5. Diauh Dari

B1. Hawaiian Tattoo
B2. The Dream On The Sea Shore
B3. Waving And Surfing
B4. Mamae
B5. Aloha - No To You


Monday, March 28, 2011

The Players Association - Turn The Music Up! on Vanguard 1979

VSD 79421

Side One
A1. Turn The Music Up!
A2. The Closer I Get To You
A3. Everybody Dance

Side Two
B1. I Wish
B2. More Than A Little Bit
B3. Ride The Groove

The Horn Ensemble*:

Reeds - Gary Anderson
Alto And Soprano Sax - All Solos - Bob Mover
Tenor Sax - All Solos - Bob Berg
Synthesized Strings - Chris Hills
Synthesizer, Synthesizer Solos - Mike Mandel
Timbales, Percussion - Ray Mantilla
Trombone - Ed Byrne
Trumpet - All Solos, Flugelhorn (All Solos] - Tom Harrell
Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Marvin Stamm and Victor Paz

Bass - Herb Bushler
Congas, Percussion - David Earle Johnson
Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals - Chris Hills
Guitar - Karl Ratzer
Keyboards - Pat Rebillot
Mixed By - Mark Berry
Producer - Danny Weiss

Additional Personnel on "I Wish" only:
Bass - Wilbur Bascomb
Congas - M'Tume
Guitar - Steve Khan
Piano - L. Leon Pendarvis
Alto Sax - Dave Sanborn
Tenor Sax - Mike Brecker
Trumpet - Jon Faddis
Soloists - See above*


Etienne Lorin joue Vincent Scotto avec son Ensemble Musette on Pop 12 / Disques Vogue 196?

POP 12 - 12 Vogues International Industries

Face 1
A. J'ai deux amours / J'ai rêvé d'une fleur
B. La petite tonkinoise / Marinella / Adieu Venise provençale
C. Prosper / Coquin d'amour / Les Pescadous
D. Le plus beau tango du monde / Laissez-moi vous aimer

Face 2
A. Tchi tchi / A petits pas / Le bal défendu
B. Ah! Si vous voulez de l'amour / A Toulon / Miette
C. Mon Paris / La trompette en bois / Caroline
D. Sous les ponts de Paris / La Java bleue / Tant qu'il y aura des etoiles


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aldemaro Romero y su Orquesta de Salón - Criollísima! on Cymbal 1957

LPA - 1001

Lado 1

A1. Concierto En La Llanura
A2. Que Bellas Son Las Flores (Tu Son Risa)
A3. El Bachaco, Mi Coletón, Josefina
A4. Visión Porteña
A5. Selección de Merengues

Lado 2

B1. Quitapesares
B2. Rosa Gentil
B3. Canta Tu, Ruiseñor
B4. El Cigarrón
B5. El Chivo

Grabado en Noviembre de 1956 en los estudios de la RCA Victor Mejicana.
Coverphoto : Susana Duijm , Miss Mundo 1955


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fritz Schulz-Reichel - In der Bar um die Ecke on Polydor 1971

Polydor 2491 542

A1. You Belong To My Heart / O Sole Mio
A2. On n'a pas tous les jours vingt ans! / I Dream Of You
A3. Uno... / La Paloma
A4. Begin The Beguine / Pourquoi Mentir?
A5. Roses Of Picardy / Lovers In The Rain
A6. Perfidia / C'est un jour de vacances
A7. Summertime / Stranger In Paradise

B1. Pretend / I'm In The Mood For Love
B2. Bei Dir war es immer so schön / Clopin-Clopant
B3. Temptation / Je t'aimerai
B4. Over The Rainbow / Again
B5. Les Millions d'Arlequin / C'est Magnifique
B6. Sympathy / Coin de Rue
B7. Because Of You / Greensleeves

Originally recorded in 1966


Friday, March 25, 2011

T.Life - Somethin' That You Do To Me on Arista 1981

A1. Smokin'
A2. Somethin' That You Do To Me (Keeps Turning Me On)
A3. Don't Let This Be The Last Time
A4. For Your Love

B1. Let Him Go
B2. Don't Wanna Be Lonely
B3. I Can't Stop Dancing
B4. Wouldn't You Know

T.Life - Vocals,Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Coco Love - Vocals
Gerald Smith - Guitar
Jeff Lee - Guitar
Rick Sullivan - Guitar
Rick Ianacone - Guitar
Charles Dorsey - Bass
C.J. Clark - Bass
Rick Fanelli - Bass
Jimmy Hill - Drums
Ishmael Wilburn - Drums
Nat Lee - Keyboards
Rick Baylor - Keyboards
Cheryl Alexander,Gary Daniels,Judith Spears,
T.Life and Coco Love - Background Vocals
Sam Peakes - Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Dr. Gibbs,Daryl Burgee,Gene Leone - Percussion
George Andrews - String Arrangements
Fred Zarr,Rick Baylor ,Nat Lee - Synthesizers
Marvin "M.D. PH.D" Daniels - Horn Arrangements
Handclaps by The Palms


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sandy Nelson - Drums,Drums,Drums on Sunset / Liberty 1967

SLS 50060 Z

Side 1
A1. No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)
A2. Be Bop Baby
A3. ...And Then There Where Drums
A4. Let There Be Drums
A5. All Shook Up

Side 2
B1. Big Noise From The Jungle
B2. The Charge
B3. Day Drumming
B4. Splish Splash
B5. Day Train


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Edvard Lieber - Music To Paintings on Concord Concerto 1996

Twenty-four De Kooning Preludes,for piano:

01. Gotham News
02. Woman
03. Two Women in the Country
04. Suburb in Havana
05. Woman on a Dune
06. Untitled 8
07. Water...Soft Banks, and a Window
08. Figure
09. Ruth's Zowie
10. Screams of Children Come From Seagulls
11. Rosy-Fingered Dawn at Louse Point
12. Clamdiggers
13. Two Figures in a Landscape
14. Montauk 5
15. Untitled 14
16. ... Whose Name Was Writ in Water
17. Queen of Hearts
18. Woman in the Water
19. Excavation
20. Marilyn Monroe
21. North Atlantic Light (Untitled 18)
22. Asheville
23. Woman 5
24. Pastorale


25. Small Decoy, for prepared piano & electronic tape
26. Prelude To Jackson Pollock's "Autumn Rhythm" for piano
27. Homage To Franz Kline, for piano
28. Sea Wall, for piano
29. Bacchus, for piano
30. Tomb of Hasegawa, for electronically-altered piano, chorus & speaker


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jimmy Smith - Jimmy Smith Plays The Standards on Sunset / Liberty 1968

HLBS/LIB 83054

Side 1
A1. The Way You Look Tonight
A2. Tenderly
A3. I Cover The Waterfront
A4. But Not For Me

Side 2
B1. Moonlight In Vermont
B2. Lady Be Good
B3. Deep Purple

Jimmy Smith - Organ
Thomas Schwartz - Guitar
Donald Bailey - Drums

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Amankay - Amankay on Vrije Muziek 1979

VM 7920

Lado A
A1. Despedida De Salta
A2. La Represion
A3. El Gavilan De Violeta
A4. El Mercado
A5. Postdata Del Gavilan

Lado B
B1. Isla Saca
B2. Asi Te Quiero
B3. Paisaje De Chijini
B4. Documentos
B5. Chile, Escucha


Sunday, March 20, 2011

DJ Gladstone - Mild Moments 2 , 1959~1979 Various on CBS 1984

LSP 15581

Side 1
A1. Eydie Gorme - Getting To Know You
A2. Caravelli - Singing In The Rain
A3. Andy Williams - Peg O' My Heart
A4. Laurens van Rooyen en Jurre Haanstra - Cavatina
A5. Steve Lawrence with the Billy May Orchestra - Change Partners
A6. Ann Burton and the Louis van Dijk Trio - That Old Devil Called Love
A7. Stephane Grapelli - Smoke Rings And Wine

Side 2
B1. Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find Another Love like Mine
B2. Pim Jacobs en Rogier van Otterloo - It Ain't Necessarily So
B3. Engelbert Humperdinck - And I Love Her So
B4. Joe Dassen - L'Eté Indien (Africa)
B5. Vikki Carr - Somos Novios (It's Impossible)
B6. Ray Conniff - Say It Isn't So
B7. Tony Bennett - Coffee Break

Compiled by Hans Bockstart


Friday, March 18, 2011

DJ Smash - Fat Jazzy Grooves / Early Collection on New Breed Records 1995

01. On It
02. Shwing Mode
03. Debadop
04. Rule Th'Nation
05. Looks Good
06. Keep On
07. 1-2-3
08. Da Scoop
09. Take It Away
10. Spin Cycle
11. Make Ya Jump

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

People's Choice - We Got the Rhythm on Philadelphia Records International / CBS 1976

A1. Here We Go Again
A2. Jam,Jam,Jam (All Night Long)
A3. We Got The Rhythm
A4. Cold Blooded & Down-Right-Funky

B1. Movin' In All Directions
B2. Opus-De-Funk
B3. Mellow Mood