Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jazzier Rhythms 2 - Various On Hubbub 1997

A1. Cheyenne - Feelings (4:47)
A2. Byron Morris - Panamanian Aire (5:33)
A3. Ernestine Anderson - Love For Sale (6:18)
A4. Lorraine Feather - Moondance (3:17)
A5. George Golla - The Dancers (3:51)
B1. Khan Jamal - The Known Unknown (8:48)
B2. Kathryn Moses - Music In My Heart (4:05)
B3. El Chicano - Ron Con-Con (3:57)
B4. Richard Fudoli - Gwee (2:10)



Simon666 said...

This one's great flagolette, thanks a lot :)
Have you got others from that series ?

flageolette said...

Hey Simon,

This so-called unofficial compilation was contributed by funkeymonkey,
As far as I know there's only one precedenting CD being released by Hubbub in the Jazzier Rhythms Series ..


deakin said...

Ahhhh yes thats the one allright. Simon your a legend, soul brother like no other... awesome.. cant wait to blast this one..

I'm getting into Charles Stephney and Richard Evans latley and soaking it all up. When I realised that Charles did his Magic on Dancing Girl Terry Callier and that Evans had worked with Leroy Hutson I feel like I have a new road map to quality producitons. Checked out your site and Starcrost was there nice. I'm in heaven so much choice, only one laptop and one frustrated girlfriend. " you downloading again" is the catch cry.. Thanks Simon


Andy said...

Thanks a lot,nice one.

Anonymous said...

Simon666, you could share Vol. 1 with us, what do you think?

Brycie said...

great selection thanks

taro nombei said...

A very nice complilation.
I love the Khan Jamal and the El Chicano stonker.
thanks a lot for this share!

Hanoi Sessions said...

Just echoing Taro Nombei above the El Chicano track is superb! Thanks very much!

Nelson Böttcher said...

Amigo.. Gracias a ustedes estoy recuperando parte de la colección "The Cream Of Jazzy Vibes" by Life On Mars (Hubbub Records). Thankyou!