Sunday, February 27, 2011

Annette Peacock - The Perfect Release 1979

1. Love's Out To Lunch (2:23)
2. Solar Systems (3:06)
3. American Sport (3:42)
4. A Loss Of Consciousness (3:41)
5. Rubber Hunger (4:20)
6. The Succubus (3:47)
7. Survival (14:46)

Vocals - Annette Peacock
Keyboards - Max Middleton
Bass - John McKenzie
Guitar - Robert Ahwai
Drums - Richard Bailey
Steeldrums,Percussion - Lennox Langton
Percussion - Daryl Lee Que
Producer/Composer - Annette Peacock



Anonymous said...

yes! merci.

Andy said...

Top stuff,thanks

Radek said...

Not exactly what I would call a modest album title, but I must admit that it is really very good. Thanks a lot.

paradoxo42 said...

A superb singer.

Anonymous said...

This album is
Therefore track 7 is the *

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Possible re-up?
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