Friday, March 25, 2011

T.Life - Somethin' That You Do To Me on Arista 1981

A1. Smokin'
A2. Somethin' That You Do To Me (Keeps Turning Me On)
A3. Don't Let This Be The Last Time
A4. For Your Love

B1. Let Him Go
B2. Don't Wanna Be Lonely
B3. I Can't Stop Dancing
B4. Wouldn't You Know

T.Life - Vocals,Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Coco Love - Vocals
Gerald Smith - Guitar
Jeff Lee - Guitar
Rick Sullivan - Guitar
Rick Ianacone - Guitar
Charles Dorsey - Bass
C.J. Clark - Bass
Rick Fanelli - Bass
Jimmy Hill - Drums
Ishmael Wilburn - Drums
Nat Lee - Keyboards
Rick Baylor - Keyboards
Cheryl Alexander,Gary Daniels,Judith Spears,
T.Life and Coco Love - Background Vocals
Sam Peakes - Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Dr. Gibbs,Daryl Burgee,Gene Leone - Percussion
George Andrews - String Arrangements
Fred Zarr,Rick Baylor ,Nat Lee - Synthesizers
Marvin "M.D. PH.D" Daniels - Horn Arrangements
Handclaps by The Palms


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