Monday, November 28, 2011

TOPS for Dancing - 28 Party-Hits With Jo(e) Ment's Happy Sound on Polydor Canada 19??

Polydor 543.043

A1. Puppet on a String / A Little Bit Me,A Little Bit You / Memories of Heidelberg / The Boat that I row
A2. Happy Together / The Beat Goes On / I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman
A3. Something Stupid / Morgen beginnt die Welt
A4. There's a kind of Hush / Do it again a little bit slower / S.O.S. Herz in Not
A5. Casino Royal / A Man in the Woods

B1. Finchley Central / Silence is golden / Hi Ho Silver Lining
B2. Una Festa sui prati / Spanisch war die Nacht / Baby come back
B3. Detroit City / Release Me
B4. Immer wieder geht die Sonne auf / Okay / Ha ha said the Clown
B5. Funny familiar forgotten feelings / Carrie Anne / Hey-Hey-Ha-Ha

320 2 Files Non -Indexed


Vinyl Room said...

Thanking You.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but i have some troubles downloading Jo Ment. Rapidshare gives me a empty file.

Please help !



Lanterna said...

Sorry and ,for what?

Aexander said...

Please, please, please...!!! Re upload this album, link is dead.

MrAlexsander 6 said...

Ecty eshe ssylka?