Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ken Griffin at the organ - "The Cuckoo Waltz" on CBS 1967

CBS 52435

Side One:

A1. The Cuckoo Waltz
A2. Drifting And Dreaming
A3. La Golondrina
A4. You Belong To Me
A5. The Petite Waltz
A6. Open Up Your Heart
A7. You Can't Be True Dear

Side Two:

B1. My Heart Cries For You
B2. Side By Side
B3. Wunderbar
B4. Red River Valley
B5. Cruising Down The River
B6. The Anniversary Waltz
B7. Auf Wiedersehn Sweetheart


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Chordial said...

Thank you very much. It's a nice one!