Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Johann Strauss,Jr.: Die Fledermaus - Oscar Danon with The Vienna State Opera Orchestra and Chorus on RCA Victor 1964

RCA RE.5514/5515 Red Seal Dynagroove

1963 ~ 1964, Wien, Sofiensaal.
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Interpreti: Eberhard Wächter (Eisenstein); Adèle Leigh (Rosalinde) Erich Kunz (Frank); Risë Stevens (Orlofsky); Sándor Kónya (Alfred); George London (Falke); Erich Majkut (Blind); Anneliese Rothenberger (Adele).
Coro e Orchestra Opera Stato Vienna, dir. Oskar Danon.

Rca, LM 7029 (LP 33 mono) e LSC 7029 (LP 33 stereo) (2 dischi)
Rca, RE 5514/5515 (LP 33 mono) e SER 5514/5515 (LP 33 stereo) (Gran Bretagna; 2 dischi)
Rca Victrola, VICS 6029 (LP 33 stereo-mono; 2 dischi)
Rca, 26.35 058 DP (LP 33 stereo-mono, Germania; 2 dischi)



Claudio said...

Hi I'm looking for this italian OST : "I Dolci Vizi della Casta Susanna" by Gianni Ferrio , do have it ?


coppinsuk said...


Just found this upload.

Could you re-upload using one of the following: fichier, putlocker, zippyshare.

Rapidshare will not allow a me to download.

Could you email me: if any problems.

Thanking you,

Douglas (UK)