Friday, April 3, 2009

Jumpin' Jazz (Real Jazz For Those Who Feel Jazz) - Various on pHo 1996

01. Iron City - Grant Green
02. Speak Low - Melvin Sparks
03. Harold's House Of Jazz - Richie Cole
04. Mambo Inn - Lou Donaldson
05. Possum Grease - Johnny Lytle
06. As Time Goes By - Mark Murphy
07. The Prodigal Son - Harold Ousley
08. Street Song - Bobby Hutcherson
09. Heavy Juice - Houston Person
10. Things Are Getting Better - Eddie Jefferson
11. So What - Johnny Lytle



Anonymous said...

Love this blog!!
I'm a real HUGE fan of Funky Jazz music and also triphop,and you share so many nice and unavailable Musics!!
Big thanks and hugs from
E and friends from Moskva

Carl said...

Thank you!

Toyohara said...


Anonymous said...

Part 1 is invalid or deleted now! Could you fix it?

Anonymous said...

Gracias amigos!

john said...

Sorted - reading your site thoroughly really helps!