Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Rebirth Of Cool One ,1 (Full Revised Version :) - Various on Fourth Broadway 1988-'92

01.I've Lost My Ignorance ( And Don't Know Where To Find It) - Dream Warriors & Gang Starr
02. Jazz Thing ( Movie Mix) - Gang Starr
03. Raise The Flag - X- Clan
04. Open Up Your Mind - MC Mell"O"
05. Senga Abele (Lion Roar)- Manu DiBango & MC Mell"O"
06. Cool and Funky - Ronny Jordan
07. Hot Music (Jazz Mix) - Soho
08. I Should 've Known Better - Mica Paris
09. My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style (The Next Definition)- Dream Warriors
10. Make Way For The Solos - Izit

First Part

11. Family - McKoy
12. Welcome To The Story (Peace Go With You Mix)- Galliano
13. Step Right On (Vocal Dub Mix) - Young Disciples
14. Try My Love - Lalomie Washburn
15. If The Papes Come (with Baby Bam)- A Tribe Called Quest
16. Kickin' Jazz - Outlaw
17. Joe's Jam - Skatemaster Tate
18. Witness The Drift - Laquan
19. Talkin' All That Jazz - Stetsasonic
20.Introduction To A Caveman - Caveman
21. I Come Off (Southern Comfort Mix) - Young MC
22. The Slow Jam - Dodge City Productions
23. Jazz It Up - C.E.M. Band

Part Too

Full (revised) Volume One(s)
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More Rebirth Of Cool-Compilations are also to be found here..

\ROC Series have been released with multiple,variable
Art-Covers,Volume-No's and (overlapping) musical content..
Sequence of songs is incorrect here, although NOW complete.


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Merci Flageolette.

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This is amazing I have this on vinyl and did have on tape and CD but my CD died and I really tried so long to find this. Thank you so much for the post.

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This is so cool and amazing my CD of this was stolen ages ago and I've been looking for the album for ages. Thanks so much for posting.