Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bill Evans - From Left To Right 1970

1. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
2. I'm All Smiles
3. Why Did I Choose You?
4. Soiree
5. The Dolphin - Before
6. The Dolphin-After
7. Lullaby For Helene
8. Like Someone In Love
9. Children's Play Song
10. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
11. Why Did I Choose You?
12. Soiree
13. Lullaby For Helene

Bill Evans - acoustic & electric pianos

Sam Brown - guitar
Wayne Andre
Romeo Penque
David Nadien
Ray Alonge
George Ricci - cello
Seymour Barab
John Beal - electric bass
Gary Chester - drums
Raoul Poliakin
Sol Gubin
Alfred V. Brown - viola
David Schwartz - violin, viola
Leo Kahn
Karen Jones
Harvey Estrin - flute, reeds
George Ockner
Marty Morell
Mickey Gravine - trombone
Donald Ashworth
Greorge Triffon - trumpet, flugelhorn
John D. Messner
Joseph DeAngelis - French horn
Joseph Soldo
Mickey Leonard - arranger, conductor
Norman Forrest
Paul Falise - bass trombone
Tosha Samaroff - violin
William Slapin - reeds
Eddie Gomez - Bass

Helen Keane - Producer



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