Friday, June 19, 2009

Sharpshooters - Choked Up on Shadow Records 1997

01. Lifted
02. Heavyweight
03. Analyze
04. Fire When Ready
05. Funk Shack West
06. Jazz Confusion
07. Relax
08. Trust No One
09. Hot Buttered Rum
10. Spirits Unseen
11. Lazy Afternoon
12. Massacre
13. Feeling Fine
14. Down and Out
15. Sweet Talking
16. Relax (Reprise)

Choked Up on Shadow Records..:)



jack cade said...

Thanks a million for this. I searched high and low for this great LP. You're a star.

d said...

'Analyze', as heard in The Wire season 1 episode 7 coming out of Stinkum's car.. lovely stuff

Derion said...

Sorry Flageolette, but what is the password?

Anonymous said...

whats the password???!

Anonymous said...

flageolette is the password