Saturday, May 29, 2010

As One - So Far...(So Good) Twelve Years Of Electronic Soul on Ubiquity 2003

01. Amalia
02. Isatai
03. Shambala
04. Hyeres
05. Meridian
06. Celestial Soul
07. You Who Never Arrived
08. We No Longer Understand
09. Theme From Op-Art
10. Queen Constance

D1 320

D1. Return Of The Kingpin
02. Epic
03. Chiaro
04. The Electric Hymn
05. Music Box
06. Reunion
07. The Circle Suite
08. Contours
08. If It Ain't Broke

D2 320

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All Tracks by Kirk Degiorgio


Satchelmouth said...

Thank you. A fan of OffWorld and didn't realise as one is Kirk Degiorgio as well.

troods said...

Ready to get to know "new to me" music. Sounds very interesting. Thank you very much.

FrauleinFunky said...

Always wanted more of As One.Thanks for sharing.Cheers!