Saturday, May 1, 2010

Herbie Mann - Sunbelt on Atlantic 1978

Side One
A1. Watermelon Man
A2. The Closer I Get To You
A3. What Would You Do?

Side Two
B1. Killian
B2. Dona Palmeira (Madame Palm Tree)
B3. Let's Stay Together
B4. Sunbelt — Mulher Rendeira (Weaver Woman)

Personnel Includes:
Herbie Mann - Flutes,Tenor Saxophone,Whistler,Producer
Claudio Roditi - Trumpet,Valve Trombone
Jeff Mironov - Guitar
Richard Tee - Acoustic & Electric Piano
Amaury Tristao - Acoustic Guitar
Barry Rogers - Trombone
Dom Salvador - Electric Piano
Frank Gravis - Bass
Roy Ayers - Vibes
Steve Jordan ,Leroy Clouden ,Steve Gadd & Portinho - Drums
Rafael Cruz - Percussion
The Girls of Bahia - Voices
Cengiz Yaltkaya - Assistant Producer



70's Baby Early 80's Child said...

oh yeah, this is a good one.. i had the cd rip ready for my late Lemuria blog before it got shut down.. hope you'll have better luck..

stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Jazz Obsessive

Thanks dad owned this once he always was a head of his time!!!!....

Killian is the killer for me.

Anonymous said...

bring back the naked lady! i feel like ive lost an old friend! at least tell me who she was

Fraulein Funky said...

Awesome blog and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

what is the password for unload

Anonymous said...

gracias! gracias! gracias!