Friday, September 3, 2010

The Beat - Wha'ppen ? on Go-Feet Records 1981

Side 1
1. Doors of Your Heart
2. All Out to Get You
3. Monkey Murders
4. I Am Your Flag
5. French Toast (Soleil Trop Chaud)
6. Drowning

Side 2
1. Dream Home in NZ
2. Walk Away
3. Over and Over
4. Cheated
5. Get-A-Job
6. The Limits We Set

Everett Morton - Drums
David Steele - Bass
Saxa - Saxophone
Ranking Roger - Vocals,Toast
Dave Wakeling - Guitar, Vocals
Andy Cox - Guitar
Blockhead - Keyboards
Cedric Myton - Vocals
Dick - Steel Drum
Sargeant - Marimba
Saltin - Trumpet

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Anonymous said...

This was always a strange record for me- loved it, but it always felt somehow distant. Am curious as to what others thought- I was very young, very provincial, and very American when this came out, and I really have no idea of its significance to the world at large...



Big Stevie said...

Been searchin for a nice rip earlier..Thanks Flageo!
And 2 Anonymous,ironically speaking still significant according to what you understood already..:)

Super props for sharing !

E-mile said...

you prolongued my summer with this!
takes me back to the Specials & Madness days (over here in Holland)
I remember hearing this in the soos
(when I had my first -illegal- Kouwe Kletses, Citral-spliffs and watched the gils go by...)
thank you Flageolette!
-oh and to anonymous- I thought nothing at the time, I just felt like the world would be better off lighting up, relax and do some dub plates on cake [:-) - sometimes I still think it's the sanest way to go about...
peace, E-mile

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