Monday, December 22, 2008

Bobby Matos & The Combo Conquistadores - My Latin Soul 1968

1. Nadie Baila Como Yo
2. En Casa de Alfredo (Up in Alfred's Pad)
3. Caliente y Grasoso
4. Te Adoro a Ti (Forbidden Affair)
5. La Cosa de Ritchie (Ritchie's Boogaloo)
6. Mer Tienes Loco (Hip, Cool and Groovy)
7. Tema de Alma Latina (Latin Soul Theme)
8. Mambo Maxims
9. One Mint Julep
10. Raices (Roots)
11. Trailo a Casa (Bring It on Home)

A Cubop Reissue 1997



cheeba said...

You're just killing it with heaters these days!! Really appreciate the high calibre choices and quality here, flageoleette!

Odean said...

Remember track 7 on the Jazz Juice comps??? a real dancer

FileMuncher said...

I was buying quite a lot of LnH/CuBop stuff in 97, But I missed this one.