Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jumpin' Vol.1- Original Full Length Classics from the Disco Underground on Harmless

1. Keep On Jumpin' - Musique
2. Runaway - Salsoul Orchestra & Loleatta Holloway
3. Disco Juice - Cloud One
4. There But For The Grace Of God Go I - Machine
5. Thousand Finger Man - Candido
6. Touch And Go - Ecstasy Passion & Pain
7. Is It All Over My Face - Loose Joints
8. Love Money - T.W. Funkmasters
9. Got The Feelin' - Two Tons O' Fun
10. Funkanova - Wood Brass & Steel
11. Tee's Happy - Northend
12. Go Bang - Dinosaur L

Very rare Compilation,
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Mr B said...

a GREAT compilation indeed, the bbe and harmless labels people did a good job back in the late 90s resurfacing these underground disco gemms.

always reminds me the good times when I was discovering them and party them until overdose!


Anonymous said...

thanks,thanks,thanks,very good working and nice quality

Anonymous said...

Bought this on Vinyl when it first came out and have been looking for the CD for ages! Brilliant site, thanks!


Anonymous said...

big tunes. part two also.(jumpin 2)