Friday, February 19, 2010

Gino Vannelli - Crazy Life on A&M 1973 (LP)

1. Crazy Life
2. Hollywood Holiday
3. There's No Time
4. Fling of Mine
5. Granny Goodbye
6. Great Lake Canoe
7. Cherizar
8. One Woman Lover
9. Piano Song

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Andy said...

A long time ago during my apprenticeship (1980 ish)one of my mates kept telling me about this guy, I thought it was rock music! It took me another 20 years to realise how good the sound is. Thanks for another great album.

flageolette said...

Hey Andy,Yeah,your m8 was on top of it back then:)
I found this great record ,lying sleeveless
and heavily scratched on an innercity side walk some time ago,after a night out in town..

Crazy Life....Some(Gino and Joe)try everything to get their inspired Music published ,and another one throws this fantastic album out of his/her window ...

Although i'm not even a fanatic crate sniffler,I still had to find out that this particular and very Rare Album isn't even available via Gino's own Website!

So enjoy these scratches of genius and vinyl's tear & wear:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!