Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Model 500 - Deep Space on R&S 1995

1. Milky Way
2. Orbit (By Kevin Saunderson)
3. The Flow (by Aisha Jamiel)
4. Warning
5. Astralwerks
6. Starlight
7. Last Transport (To Alpha Centauri)
8. I Wanna Be There (Edit)
9. Lightspeed

Model 500 's Deep Space by Juan Atkins



cheeba said...

hi flageo! beautiful job w/ the jaun atkins. seminal classic, a must have for headz. thanks a lot!

tuttsi_fruttsi_icecream said...


Philly Soul said...

Great stuff. Be nice to have this on MP3. Thanks for upping this. Keep up the good work

freddie said...

whats the password to this?