Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trini Lopez - By Popular Demand!! More Trini Lopez at PJ's on Artone/Reprise 1963

Stereo MGRR S - 9434

Buy this on CD from The Living Legend himself,with original Autograph and/or even try & go for the man's Cadillac ! HERE :)

Sides 1 & 2,non-indexed


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sudzy said...

Very cool. I mean, Trini singing "If I Had a Hammer" gave me goose bubos. That man could bring an audience to its (their) feet,-- running the the bar for refils.
Btw, did you ever go to PJ's? I think that and the Crescendo were the biggest nightclubs in their day, aside from the jazz clubs like Shellys manne hole and the Lighthouse.
Anyway, the mere thought of this album induces me to start humming.