Friday, September 4, 2009

Michael Brecker - Now You See It ...(Now You Don't ) 1990

1. Escher Sketch (A Tale Of Two Rhythms)/Brecker (5:23)
2. Minsk (9:03)/Grolnick
3. Ode To The Doo Da Day (5:51)/Beard
4. Never Alone (5:35)/Brecker
5. Peep (7:25)/Brecker
6. Dogs In The Wine Shop (6:33)/Grolnick
7. Quiet City (6:04)/ Beard
8. The Meaning Of The Blues (5:57)/ Troup,Worth

Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone, EWI, keyboards, programming)
Joey Calderazzo (piano)
Jim Beard (keyboards synthesizer)
Jon Herrington (guitar)
Jay Anderson (acoustic bass)
Victor Bailey (electric bass)
Adam Nussbaum (drums, cymbals)
Omar Hakim (drums)
Don Alias, Milton Cardona, Steve Berrios (percussion)
Jason Miles, Jimmy Bralower, Judd Miller (programming)
Produced By Don Grolnick


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Anonymous said...

thank you, I'm sick and it's good to listen this kind of music alone, no party this week