Saturday, September 19, 2009

Special Request and a Popular Demand / A Dee-Jay Explosion Part Two on Heartbeat Records 1982

----Riddim Style <> Live and Direct----

Side One

01. Yellowman & Fathead - "Mek We Mash It Up Now" 4.05
02. Michigan & Smiley - "The Taxi" 8.11
03. Lee Van Cliff - "Jam Papa Lee Van" 3.11
04. Sister Nancy - "One Two" 3.15
05. Sassafrass - "Countryman" 2.35

Side Two

01. Michigan & Smiley - "Dance A Fe Cork" 5.47
02. Principal - "Answer" 3.10
03. Eek-A-Mouse - "Assasinator/Too Much Terrorist In The City" 6.46
04. Ringo - "Push Lady Push" 4.15
05. Trinity - "You Don't Know Me As No Rum Drinker" 5.17

Recorded 1982 at Skateland Roller Disco,Half Way Tree,Kingston,Jamaica
Michigan & Smiley cuts recorded near Spanish Town,December 1982



xensma said...

ribitt!oink!flash it!nice to see some rub a dub style here!good choice!

doowot said...

I second that!Thanks

Anonymous said...

Side Two track 3

that's right, too many terrorists can make prejudice to serial killers

Wafers said...

This is a great and rare comp,Mr Flageolette!A big thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks man!

dj mentos said...

I love this! Anyone know any similar albums/recordings to recommend?

Erich Scholz said...

Hey, dj mentos, check out anything by Michigan and Smiley. I'd start with Rub a Dub Style and Downpression. Lone Ranger is great. His albums M16 and Badda Dan Dem are both crucial deejay LPs from the early '80s era. I like Billy Boyo, Nicodemus (their DJ Clash set can be had on Amazon). Barrington Levy put out a bunch of niceness. Anything with Roots Radics from this era is appreciated. I like Dr. Alimantado even though he isn't really dancehall. He makes a nice noise.

Anonymous said...

Yes I know a simular record It's Rock Jack Kojak from Nigger Kojak
Live at Prince Jammy Headquarters
feb 1983 distributed by Jet Star
Blessings ! One ! Reggaedjax!

DJ Kool JB said...

link and rapidshare are both dead :(