Sunday, December 13, 2009

Benjamino - Jazz For Dancing on Carmen 197?

01. Little Brown Jug
02. Donauwellen
03. Bonjour Commisar
04. Blues For Lena
05. Copelia Bossa Nova
06. The Nightingale*
07. Vienna Wood Bossa Nova
08. Clarinet Story
09. Dark Eyes
10. Balalaika*
11. Fuer Elise
12. The Valley*

-Carmen 3003

Very rare 60's Hotel-Lounge Jazz by Benjamino...

*by Connie Boermans



Flinton Obuma said...

Dear Flageolette
I like Connie Boermans very much ...
Who is this genius,where is..
so many questions,so many worries:)

Claudia said...

Beautiful & Cool??,it's very nice music!!
thanks for sharing;we'll use -some of -it for a short movie on our academie in Spain
Muchas gracias per tudo!**

Electric Looser said...

Thanx my Friend.