Saturday, December 12, 2009

Viva - Various on Omega International 1971

01. El Cigaron - Luis Bordon
02. Pepito - Los Machucambos
03. Pajaro Campana - Facio Santillan
04. Dime - Enrique Cassanova
05. El Cumbanchero - Donizio Bernal
06. Calypso Medley : If You See My Little Brown Girl / Milly Gone to Brasil /
You Say You Young / Sly Mongoose - The Merrymen
07. Vivo Cantando - Nico Gomez
08. El Cóndor Pasa - Facio Santillan
09. Big Bamboo - The Merrymen
10. La Banda Borracha - Donizio Bernal
11. Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir - Enrique Cassanova
12. Compadre Pedro Juan - Nico Gomez
13. La Bamba - Los Machucambos
14. Pa-Ran-Pan-Pan - Luis Bordon



bossa bom dia said...

Great, thanks from Hungary!

Rossi said...

aaah damn i love these Lp blogs! :D i have the original single of "pepito" from the machucambos.. i love it!! was one of my very first buys at flea markets, when i started as a dj.. so cool, spotting this track on an album here! :D

Anonymous said...

Brother what you do here is amazing, many, many thank you's... I love this blog.. You have some great stuff on here.