Monday, December 14, 2009

The Jamaica Boys - The Jamaica Boys on WEA 1987

A1. Palm Of Your Hand 4:28
A2. Let Me Hold You Closer (Don't Fight It) 4:28
A3. Romeo 4:42
A4. Home 3:36
A5. People Make The World Go Round 5:45
B1. Spend Some Time With Me 5:13
B2. Sunshine (South Africa) 5:37
B3. (It's That) Lovin' Feeling 5:07
B4. I Want To Be There (Unusual Girl) 6:20

Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar - Marcus Miller
Drums, Vocals, Percussion - Lenny White
Guitar Solo - Mike Stern (track B2)
Keyboards, Vocals - Bernard Wright
Lead Vocals - Mark Stevens
Synthesizer Programming by - Jason Miles
Tenor Saxophone - Jerry Johnson , Roger Byam on track A3
Trumpet - Kevin Batchelor
Additional Backing Vocals - Chaka Khan (track A1) , Chude Mondlane (tracks:A4, B4), Daphne Rubin-Vega (tracks: A4, B2) , Jason Miles (track A3) , Jerry Johnson (track A2) , Joe Byrd (track A3) , Kevin Batchelor (track A2) , Porter Carroll (track A4) , Ray Bardani (track A3) , Tomah (track B3)




Buns O'Plenty said...

nice job! you have had some excellent posts this month....thx for the comments too btw!

Wassily said...

Amazing album,dear Flageolette & Team!
Thanks to you all for broadening my musical horizon,truly appreciate the efforts you and you're friends make whilst sharing joyfull intelligence!

Warm greetings and a Happy 2010!
from Greece!

J Boogie said...

What's the password??

aquaade said...

Great album, thanks for posting.

Pass = flageolette