Saturday, July 17, 2010

Music Of Africa Series No.10 ~ The Best Recordings Of 1953 Part 1 - African Music Society's Choice.../ Various on Decca 1954

LF 1224 Decca 10" Long Playing Microgroove

Side 1
A1. Malinke Tribe - Musique de Fête (French West Africa)
A2. Baoulé Tribe - Duo des Flutes (French West Africa)
A3. Yoruba Tribe - Lagos Street Song (Nigeria)
A4. Swahili Tribe - Nahawandi (Tanganyika)
A5. Sudanese - The Meeting of the Niles (Sudan)

Side 2
B1. Ganda Tribe - Kyuma (Uganda)
B2. Lonzo Tribe - Muyeka (Belgian Congo)
B3. Mulari Tribe - Mwana Aboyi Mama (Belgian Congo)
B4. Ekonda Tribe - Yo-Yo-Yele Yo-Yo-Le (Belgian Congo)
B5. Tabwa Tribe - Salve Regina (Belgian Congo)

Edited by Hugh Tracy



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thank you. I'm all riled up just thinking about the musical offering.

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Thank you very much...

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Peter S from El Sobrante USA said...

YoyoYele! Thanks so much! I grew up listening to this great recording..still have the LP but it's in bad shape. So happy to have this!