Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dean Francis - This Groove's For You on Soulciety 1995

me 0033

1. This Groove's For You
2. Just Funkin' Around
3. Without Guns
4. I Got The Hots
5. It's Okay
6. Got A Funky Disposition
7. Dancefloor Jazz
8. In The Rain
9. Know When To Leave It Alone

Dean Francis - Drums & Programming ,Keyboards,Lead & Background Vocals
Bobby Stewart - Lead Vocals on "In The Rain",Background Vocals
"L.A. Sky" LaMoris Payne - All Trumpets
Mike "Snakebite" Roberts - All Saxophones
"Frankie J" Frank Thompson - All Trombones
Jimmy McGee - Guitar & Background vocals on "Know When To Leave It Alone"
Nick Sonya - Guitar on Tracks 6 and 8
Tony Balmore - Guitar on "This Groove's For You
Barbara Furman - Background Vocals
Andrea Taylor - Background Vocals on "Know When To Leave It Alone"
Askarel - Homegirl Vocals on "Without Guns"
Menace - Background Chants on "Without Guns"
Dan Green - Newsspeaker on "Without Guns"



stannum said...

Merci beaucoup pour cette nouvelle découverte.

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