Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spanglish Fly - Latin Soul y Bugalú

Hi Flageolette:

Love your blog. I write to tell you about Spanglish Fly, NYC's
premier band playing Latin soul and boogaloo.

Let me know whether I can put some music in the mail to you, and
what's the best address?
In the meantime, you can check us out at

“What Sharon Jones did for oldschool soul, what Antibalas did for
Afrobeat and what Chicha Libre is doing for chicha, Spanglish Fly is
doing for bugalu. . . . It’s about time somebody brought this stuff
back and it’s a good thing it’s this band because they have authentic
sabor” – Lucid Culture



Hi Jonathan,

Nice hearing from you,
Good to see you back in Entertainment!
Just make sure to get your free drinks
and some tincans of Atlantic tuna in the least,
I'll include our zippy conversation in a Boogaloo tagged post asap.
Have fun,




Hi Samuela:

Please do blog about Spanglish Fly. Thanks!


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Anonymous said...

Wow. Their shit kicks ass!