Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bobbi Humphrey - Flute-In 1971

1. Ain't No Sunshine
2. It's Too Late
3. Sidewinder
4. Sad Bag
5. Spanish Harlem
6. Don't Knock My Funk
7. Journey To Morocco
8. Set Us Free

Bobbi Humphrey - Flute
Lee Morgan - Trumpet
Billy Harper - Tenorsax
Hank Jones & Frank Owens - Piano & Electric Piano
Gene Bertoncini - Guitar
George Devens - Vibes,Marimba & Percussionist
Ray Armando - Conga
George Duvivier - Bass
Gordon Edwards - Electric Bass
Idris Muhammad & Jimmy Johnson - Drums



Andy said...

Super stuff flageolette,many thanks

thoth said...

thank you to all for all of the great blue note shared in this thread. "flute in" is pre-mizell brothers, isn't it? for that, it still sounds pretty good! i guess must have come out right around lee morgans "last" album which has some of the same musicians on it. well just the frontline horns, i guess.

pigshitpoet said...

i love her album blacks & blues. something about it is so free and joyful, like america used to be..

flute done well is like a bird in song,

btw, i wish to thank you for all the great albums you post, many of which i haven't heard, although i know the players from other stuff. unique... you 'nique up on it.. pow-wow!