Saturday, January 17, 2009

Explorations Into Dancefloor Jazz 3 - Various on Ubiquity 1995

1. Count Basic - Strange Life With Dub (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix)
2. Hookian Minds - Freshmess (Red Snapper Mix)
3. Soul Bossa Trio - Sally
4. Rollercone - Rester Eveillé
5. Angel - Step Into The Light
6. Tosca - Chocolate Elvis
7. Negrocan - Aquela Esquina (Snowboy Remix)
8. A.P.E. - Fallen
9. Silent Majority - Still Water (Horny Mix)



cheeba said...

Was gonna rip my vinyl a few weeks ago but then thought to myself "the way flageolette is hittin' these L'n'H & Ubiquity comps, it'll be up in no time." I was right!

Seriously, you're killin' it with all these comps from back in the day. Always top notch tunes on them and you've been saving me lots of time digitizing my vinyl!

One note though, my LP disagrees with your CD on track 2. It should be Freshmess (Red Snapper Mix) by Hookian Minds

Andy said...