Sunday, January 18, 2009

Walt Dickerson Quartet - Impressions Of A Patch Of Blue 1965

1. A Patch of Blue (Part 1)
2. A Patch of Blue (Part 2)
3. Bacon & Eggs
4. High Hopes
5. Alone in the Park (Part 1)
6. Alone in the Park (Part 2)
7. Selina’s Fantasy
8. Thataway

Walt Dickerson - Vibraphone
Sun Ra - Harpsichord , Piano
Bob Cunningham - Double Bass
Roger Blank - Drums ,Timpani

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Laurent said...

Thanx a lot, I'm a big fan of Sun Ra and was looking for this...


johnv said...

I've never seen this one but I love Walt Dickerson. And Sun Ra too?!? thanks

Simon666 said...

This is really lovely, thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Super! Have you also Sun Ra – Walt Dickerson – Duo?
(1980-January-25, Haverford, PA, USA,
Haverford College)

peskypesky said...

ooohhh yeah very cool!! i've just discovered Walt Dickerson tonight through another blog and I am stunned by this magical musician.

thnk u!

Gomba said...

Oh hell yeah! Thanks for this, I've only heard Walt Dickerson on Visions, his other album with Sun Ra, so I look forward to this.

Terry said...

I was able to download this but it seemed to be an e-book type file and a program called "calibre" kept opening up. I couldn't get it into iTunes. Can anyone help?

Anonymous said...