Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Best of Luv n' Haight / Volume One - Various on Luv n' Haight 1993

01. Tragic Magic - Nathan Davis
02. Stick Buddy - Nathan Davis
03. New Orleans - Nathan Davis
04. Party Time - Roy Porter
05. Panama - Roy Porter
06. Sweet Power Your Embrace - James Mason
07. Free - James Mason
08. Slick City - James Mason
09. Boot's Groove - Soul Toranodoes
10. Babalonia - Ricardo Marrero
11. Bump - George Freeman



Miriam said...

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you use now passwords? :)

Anonymous said...

great, great compilation. The Nathan Davis tracks are some of the best jazz-funk i've ever heard.
Thanks for this very tasty record, out of print for a long time, now.

Simon666 said...

Got this one, such a classic comp, great post.

funkamateur said...

This one is really incredible. Very dope & cool! Thank you very much!!

I nearly forgot how good it is, have it somewhere on vinyl in a box, but I don't know in which it could be :)

Gleckit Loon said...

Great to have these ripped from CD, I bought all of these when they came out (on vinyl) - I digitised from vinyl - but even getting the clicks down - they are nowhere near the CD.
Much appreciated.