Thursday, March 26, 2009

Essence All Stars - Organic Grooves 1996

1. Broadway (12.21)
2. Luny Tune (5.56)
3. True Blue (9.22)
4. Old Wine New Bottles (7.13)
5. Smokin' (11.27)

Joey DeFrancesco - Organ (trs. 1,2,4)
Dr. Lonnie Smith - Organ (trs. 1,3,5)
Idris Muhammad - Drums (trs. 1,3,4,5)
Lenny White - Drums (tr. 2)
Tony Purrone - Guitar (All tracks)
Kenny Garrett - Alto Sax (trs. 2,3,5)
Grover Washington Jr. - Soprano & Tenor Sax (trs. 3,4)

Produced by Lenny White



MFS Equipe ♪ said...

This is a GREAT compilation!
Thank u Flageolette for sharing!

Carl said...

thanks again Flageolette

Anonymous said...

great-did they make any other music?

flageolette said...


First they visited Aum ke Wan,in Korea and the 2nd time at AkW's Hometown,Paufulenca on a sunny terrace;

...AkW spoke to them; the men listened carefully ..and they all went back to Shoplifting @ Wall-Marts'..:)

colinb said...

Great post-would love to get the essence all stars-Afro Cubano Chant-Bob James,Gato Barbieri etc.
Many thanks.

Keith said...

Muchas gracias amigo,
Just love idris' flow/sound on this record,alone..
Greets From Algoa!

D'JaBaZZ said...

Hi Flageolette!!!
One of my favorite record.
More than Wonderful...
And the Idris Muhammad's Groove is too much!!!!
Stéphane from France

Ravi said...

Thank you !

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Flageolette!

green said...

It's been a while and my gawd, I see that you've been posting lots of groovy albums! Thank you flageolette! I'm gonna grab this one today.

Anonymous said...

Great record, and there can't be to much of the B-3 groove, can it?

I like both
- DeFrancesco (the No. 1 technical virtuoso, and he is playing more laid-back than usual here, which is a good thing) and
- Smith (the No. 1 funk groover) a lot.

I would also like to say that the sax players are really doing a great job here, as is Idris.

The guitarist is a bit to much feeling his way around to my liking when he is soloing, like in Broadway. Not that I'm saying he is lost in the progression, it's just the kind of tentative solo playing that I don't fancy so much. He is really good at rhythm playing though.

Many thanks for sharing!

/Jazz Organ Fan