Monday, March 16, 2009

Klaus Doldinger - Bluesy Toosy 1963 - '77

01. Blues For George - Klaus Doldinger Quartet
02. Bluesy Toosy - Klaus Doldinger Quartet
03. Two Getting Together - Klaus Doldinger Quartet
04. Waltz Of The Jive Cats - NDR-Jazz Workshop
05. Comin' Home Baby - Paul Nero's Blue Sounds
06. Shakin' The Blues - Klaus Doldinger Quartet
07. Quartenwalzer - Klaus Doldinger Quartet
08. Viva Brasilia - Klaus Doldinger Quartet with Attila Zoller
09. Scarborough Fair - Klaus Doldinger Quartet
10. Tempus Fugit - Klaus Doldinger Quartet
11. Guachi Guaro - Paul Nero Sounds
12. I Feel Free - The Motherhood
13. Back In The Dark - The Motherhood
14. The Night Time Is The Right Time - The Blue Sounds And Davy Jones
15. Stormy Monday Blues - Klaus Doldinger with Etta James
16. Compared To What - Passport with Les McCann & Johnny Griffin

"....This -Bluesy Toosy Collection- is my view of Klaus Doldinger's best
of that period.I would like to dedicate this record to the memory of Germany's great
Bassplayer,Peter Trunk".

(Produced and Compiled by) Siegfried Loch



Carl said...

This is a rare and great release of Klaus' venues/music!
Thanks a lot man!

Also happy to've found your great blog btw..


Simon666 said...

Thankyou sir !
"Quartenwalze" is a really lovely track

Bill said...

Great diverse blog! Thank you!