Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gino Vannelli - The Gist Of Gemini 1976

01. Love of My Life
02. Ugly Man
03. New Fix for '76
04. Omens of Love
05. Fly into This Night
06. War Suite: Prelude to the War
07. Battle Cry
08. To the War
09. Carnal Question
10. After the Last Battle
11. To the War (Reflection)
12. Summers of My Life

Gino Vannelli - Vocals,Acoustic Piano on Ugly Man,Clavinet on To The War and Reflection / Music,Lyrics and Arrangements
Joe Vannelli - Electric and Acoustic Piano,Clavinet & String and Brass Arrangements /Musical Arrangements
Graham Lear - Drums
Richard Baker - Organ,Synthesizer,Synth-Bass & String and Brass Arrangements
Dido - Congas,Cuica & Timbales
Ross Vannelli - Background Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Jay Graydon - Electric Guitar
The John McArthy Choir on Prelude To The War
John J. Mandel - Timpani ,Percussion
Dianne Brooks and Brenda Russell - Background Vocals



Anonymous said...

Ce bon vieux Joe, ça nous change de Coltrane

Jazz from Italy said...

THANKS A LOT for your groovy blog, and thank you especially for posting "The Scicluna Street", one of best album of CAROSELLO label, a rare, curious and unique label in the italian record landscape of those years (with HORO and DIRE labels).

I'll follow you...

flageolette said...

Great news,thanks for the heads-up!


Anonymous said...

Hello Flageolette,

I'm looking for this album (Gist of Gemini) for a long time, and the link is dead !
Could you fix it please ?

Thanks a lot. Nice website !
Cordialy, Jacky

Team '68 said...

It's ok now,thanks for the report