Saturday, October 31, 2009

(Re-Up) Feelin' Good - Various on Luv n' Haight 1995

1. The Frank Cunimundo Trio - Feelin' Good 2:17
2. Overton Berry Ensemble - Superstar 3:07
3. Uncle Funkenstein - Uncle Funkenstein Died (Edited) 9:37
4. Claudio Medeiros, Victor M And Friends - Soar 6:05
5. Viva Brazil - Skindo-Le-Le 3:52
6. The Al Tanner Trio - Kuba 4:31
7. Ramon Ricker - Hipnotizer 4:34
8. Jazz Symphonics - Athena 8:40



Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog, thanks for your work.Cant play track one.

Ibrahim008 said...


dj topor said...

as always BEST !!!!!!!
many thanx)))

saltydawgs said...

Hi, firstly i would like to say in my opinion your's is the best funk blog i've found (genuinely). As far as the feelin' good compilation is concerened (the one with uncle funkenstein) i have been able to download it, but unable to open the file, do you have any hints or ideas on solving the matter, i:e file type or anything else, your help will be greatly appreciated.

Sanja Zamuda said...

hm.. I cant seem to find the password for this rar file... :/ am I blind? :D

by the way, fantastic blog! ^_^