Friday, October 16, 2009

Spirit Level - Kindred Spirits on Ubiquity 1995

01. Isn't That Love
02. I Wanna Live A Little Bit
03. Everybody
04. Can You Feel The Groove
05. Dirty Little Funky Thing
06. In Case You're Wondering
07. Solar Funk
08. I've Had Enough
09. Inside The Feeling
10. Sunshine
11. Expression



cheeba said...

Wow, hadn't heard this one in years. Sounds even better than I remember. I wish I would have grabbed a copy back then. Some seriously classic and timeless grooves going on here!

Thx flageo!

cheeba said...

Oh, forgot to ask... was this originally in mono? Or did you only encode it in mono?

flageolette said...

..Thanks for reporting ,Cheeba
following 5 Disks were accidently encoded in Mono...

1.Spirit Level - Kindred Spirits
2.Shades Of House on New Breed
3.Acid Jazz on the Rocks on IRMA
4.Bugs - Infinite Syndrome
5.Roots of Acid Jazz on Blue Note

It's OK now,


cheeba said...

You're awesome flageo! Thanks - really was hoping to hear this sweet album in full stereo. Sounds superb!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I am really diggin' this LP!
Never even heard of these guys (no, I don't live in a cave :), but the whole darn album is truly great! So glad I decided on this one and so appreciative of all your hard, hard work! Have a wonderful day!