Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Sound Of Funk II / Back On The Double Bump - Various On Goldmine Soul Supply 1993

01. The Gaturs - Gator Bait
02. The Vibrettes - Humpty Dump
03. Mary Jane Hooper - I've Got Reasons
04. Ann Alford - Got To Get Me A Job
05. The Five Ounces Of Soul - Love Got A Piece Of Your Mind
06. Lynn Westbrook And The Explosions - African Strut
07. Six Feet Under - Chocolat Sugar
08. Warm Excursion - Funk-I-Tus
09. Smokey Brooks - Spin-It Jig
10. La Shawn Collins - Girl Chooses The Boy
11. Lee Austin - Screwdriver
12. Darondo - Let My People Go
13. Billy Barron And His Smokin' Challengers - Communication
14. 1619 Bad Ass Band - World
15. The Fantastic Epics - Fun & Funk Part 2
16. B.W. Souls - Marvin's Groove
17. Tommy Bush - Skin It Back
18. Mr. C. - Hot Butter
19. Wisdom - Nefertiti



Simon666 said...

got this one on vinyl, "Humpty Dump", big favourite :)

cheeba said...

Me too... but now it and my other Goldmine comps are so wratched from over a decade of heavy use in the clubs. Some essential grooves here - Humpty Dump's definitely one. Thanks flageo!

Buns O'Plenty said...

awesome comps! keep up the great work, next post im giving ur blog a shout out!

dj topor said...


Mr B said...

looks good!!! thanks

Thad said...

Such a good comp. I had a lo-fi version for a long while, so thanks for the upgrade! Do the African Strutt...

M. Trap said...

Hi flageolette, very happy to find this comp over here ! have been looking for it for ages since i lost my cd copy of it years ago. Great music, i can finally do the humpty dump again !!! :-)

keep up the good work,