Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jazz Con Bazz - Kickin' Jazz Vol. III on Dragnet 1995

A1. Open The Door And Listen
A2. Pump That Sh*t
A3. Prophecy Featuring : Shamrock
A4. Things Will Change
A5. Indian Groove
A6. Sometimes Featuring : Tha Set Wreka
B1. Wayz Of Life
B2. Revolution
B3. Mad Vibes
B4. No Boundary
B5. Influence
B6. Evolution Of A Mind Flow Featuring AK Swift,Will Williams

"Abstract Fusion of Jeep Beats,Jazz and House Elements"

Produced by Roey Marquis II


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sandramp said...

Thanks for this one I like too much Jazz Con Bazz, in my opinion the 90's decade is the best epoque for this kind of music.