Monday, July 27, 2009

Anthony Davis - Episteme 1981

1. Wayang No.II (Shadowdancer) 7:36
Wayang No.IV (Under The Double Moon)
2. Section 1 Opening - Dance 8:04
3. Section 2 Sustained Tones 4:39
4. Section 3 16:18
-A. Variations
-B. Pulse
-C. Trombone Solo
-D. Flute Interlude
-E. Kecak (Repeated Clusters)
-F. Return
5. A Walk Through The Shadow 5:02

Mark Helias - Conductor
Shem Guibbory - Violin
Abdul Wadud - Cello
Rick Rozie - Bass,Wayang II only
Dwight Andrews - Flute,Piccolo,Bass Clarinet
George Lewis - Trombone
Jay Hoggard - Vibraphone,Marimba,Glockenspiel
Warren Smith - Marimba,Xylophone,Vibraphone,Glockenspiel,Tympany,
Bass drum,Chinese Gongs,Cymbals
Pheeroan akLaff - Drums,Gongs,Cymbals
Anthony Davis - Piano



Anonymous said...

Hello from Greece.
Thank you so much for this post.
I'm grateful for this excellent album.


E-mile said...

thank you, this is very spacious stuff! also your header looks particulary good today [:-)
I linked your spot over at mine in the blog-o-spherical mojo, hope you don't mind the plug!
peace, E-mile

roby59 said...

good evening from italy,i have a little problem because i have tried to extract files of "episteme",but the password used by me(flageolette) is not right...i think it isn't right because the process of decompression has stopped...can you help me?

Jontowel said...

Great album. thx for sharing

Anonymous said...

suddenly came across your blog and found this thing, the link is down, so if you still have this album please repost! thanks anyway


Anonymous said...

got it! the file is open for download again and no need in repost!