Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Klaus Schulze - "X" Vol. 1 & 2 / Six Musical Biographies on Brain/Thunderbolt 1978/1996

A) 'Friedrich Nietzsche' 24'15
B) 'George Trackl' 5'23
C) 'Frank Herbert' 10'47
D) 'Friedemann Bach' 18'02


E) 'Ludwig II von Bayern' 28'29
F) 'Heinrich von Kleist' 29'27


Klaus Schulze - Moog,PPG Synthesizer and Sequencer,Minimoog
ARP Odyssey,Korg Polyphonic Synthesizer,Polymoog,Synthi A,
Mellotron,Revox Echo 'Tochter der Stimme',AKG BX 20 Hall,
Dynacord Loudspeaker and Amplifier,Percussion

Harald Grobkopf - Percussion

Recorded at Studio PANNE-PAULSEN,Frankfurt

'This work is dedicated to my precious synthesizers'
-Klaus Schulze 1978

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gelliddewi said...

Yeah! Klaus can groove too. Thanks so much for this and all the other eclectic posts and all @320.

Andy said...

Wonderful...I've been getting back into electronica and returning to the roots of the genre. This is truly a masterpiece. Thanks for sharing this, and at 320!

Best wishes from Canada.