Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lou Donaldson - Midnight Creeper 1968

01. Midnight Creeper
02. Love Power
03. Elizabeth
04. Bag Of Jewels
05. Dapper Dan

Lou Donaldson - Alto Sax
Blue Mitchell - Trumpet
George Benson - Guitar
Lonnie Smith - Organ
Leo Morris - Drums



cheeba said...

Lovely! Nice to hear this one in hi-fi clarity.

Also added this one to Lou's discog post at Soundological.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this one!

I already have this record, but this was a welcome upgrade regarding sound quality.

'Dapper Dan' is for me the outstanding piece here, and one of my all-time favourite songs when it comes to backdrop motoring soul-jazz organ/drum grooves.

(George Benson also have two cool purposely close to out of tune bends during his solo. Especially the first one at 3 min 30 sec, and then the next one at 3 min 52 sec)

Thanks again!

/Jazz Organ Fan

Anonymous said...


MC Congac said...

Like others, I have scratchy vinyl, so a clear rip is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous. Only add to the purists of the jazz that there is a edition with different home very appreciated with a lady and a cat related with the title.

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks!!!