Sunday, July 19, 2009

George Benson - The Silver Collection on Verve 1990

01. Billie's Bounce
02. Low Down and Dirty
03. Thunder Walk
04. Doobie Doobie Blues
05. What's New?
06. I Remember Wes
07. Windmills of Your Mind
08. Song for My Father
09. Carnival Joys
10. Giblet Gravy
11. Walk on By
12. Sack O' Woe
13. Groovin'

A collection of late 60's recordings by George Benson
with Herbie Hancock,Paul Griffin,Ron Carter,Chuck Rainey,Billy Cobham,
Jimmy Johnson,Leo Morris,Bob Cranshaw,Eric Gale,Pepper Adams,
Clarke Terry,Garnett Brown,Snooky Young,Jimmy Owens,Johnny Pacheco
and many more



Anonymous said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

This is a good Benson collection for those interested in how he sounded in the transition phase

- after he went from being a hard core small settings jazz guitarist but

- before he became a general singing mainstream entertainer.

Thanks for sharing!

/Jazz Organ Fan

Anonymous said...

thank you from Catalonia!

Anonymous said...

This collection is sensational. Collecting the best of each author. In this case contains material from two of the more interesting jobs of Benson, when he was still serious, Giblet Gravy and Goodis. Fantastic. Highly recommended. Antonio