Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Wildchild Experience - The Best Of Wildtrax on Loaded 1995

01. Bring It Down
02. Meet The Pressure
03. Do What You Like
04. Keep It Going
05. Let Me Tell You
06. Deep Into The Night
07. Know Eye
08. Jump To My Beat (U.S. Remix)
09. Jump To My Beat (Original Version)

"In the early 90's, Roger "Wildchild" McKenzie (born 1971 in Southampton, England) was acclaimed producer of the heavy sample-loaded "Wildtrax" serie released through Loaded Records.
In 1995 he published the highly influential "Renegade Master" for Hi Life Recordings and started his own label Dark Black Recordings just before he died prematurely on Nov. 25, 1995".



OldSchool said...

I remember searching for this last
year now finally Upped...
Thanks Flageolette

BigNickUK said...

I knew him when I was living in Brighton in the early 90's. It was such a shame he passed away so young. Respect.

delboy said...

awesome blog - respect for the knowledge and love shared!

Chase D said...

THANK YOU!!! wanted it for my podcast :)